There is so much more to accounting than the year end submission compliance requirements.

By understanding your business and your individual management needs, I can produce regular accounts that fully reflect how your business is doing.


Every business has key drivers known as Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s. For example, how many new clients they have brought on board in the month or how long it takes them to collect customer debts. These KPIs are important to measure as part of monthly reporting and I help business owners understand what their KPIs are.

Using real-time information, I can prepare a pack of financial data giving you information to help run your business and achieve your targets and business goals.

Areas covered include review of income and costs to see if the are recorded correctly, work in progress, profitability of business and/or services/product lines, check for unusual transactions, working capital, debtors, cashflow. This is all presented in a super easy to read dashboard report which shows you your trends in chart format as well as figures.

These reports can be prepared on a quarterly, monthly, or even weekly basis, depending on your needs, especially if you have embraced cloud-based accounting software (which I would highly recommend).

You can then make important decisions faster and make a real impact on your business, by having all this financial information at your fingertips in an easy to understand format.