The Part-Time Finance Director service provides you with the advice, support and commercial experience directly relevant to your business, whatever your size, without costing you a fortune.

So many small businesses get to a stage where an internal Finance Director will cost more than you can currently afford. You don’t really need a full time Finance Director but maybe need someone to oversee the figures and make sure they are correct and you are on track.


The Finance Director role will help you to:

  • Understand your overall financial situation
  • Measure the performance of your business
  • Receive accurate profitability and cashflow forecasting
  • Improve working capital and reduce debts
  • Help to bring full financial control to your company
  • Manage your way out of problems and create a strong financial footing to move forward
  • Plan and appraise projects
  • Help develop clear goals and map out how your business can achieve them
  • Review and recommendations to simply your business process
  • You may need someone to attend important meetings.